Educational concerts

      One of my main concerns as a performer has always been bringing music to the largest possible number of people, and specially helping those who never had the means or the opportunity to study it. Throughout my career I have been able to experiment with a very concrete way to address this goal: the educational concert. In this type of musical event, performances of selected works from a wide repertoire are offered, preluded by simple but comprehensive explanations. It is a type of concert that has always been received with great enthusiasm wherever I have had the chance to develop them. On the one hand, explanations enable the general public to feel more comfortable during the concert. On the other hand, through my explanations I get to establish a more direct connection with the audience, which in turn encourages them to listen even more attentively, since they feel like they have an active part in the development of the concert. The result is an intense and consistent experience through which the audience learns and enjoys at the same time.

These educational concerts are always performed at the piano, playing different passages myself to show and demonstrate the explanations. I first try to offer a historical and cultural context for the work, from which to analyze its most important formal and expressive musical elements. I always try to get as far as possible in the analysis, while maintaining a simple and understandable language for anyone, avoiding unnecessary technicalities. After each explanation, I perform the works in their entirety, as a small final concert.

This educational concerts are always aimed at a more adult audience, although children can also attend and be enriched by them. The ideal place is always a not too large space (like a mid-size auditorium) which can accommodate the sufficient number of people without losing the familiar and intimate character of these events. They can be held as individual concerts, but the ideal setting would be to to organize a series of four or five educational concerts, using a progressive structure and overall design throughout the series, so that the audience appreciates a motivating progression in their ability to understand the music.